Among all college essay papers, argumentative written pieces are perhaps the most widespread. Every semester you should be ready to deliver tons of persuasive and argumentative essays in at least five or six subjects.

And since college paper writing puts a serious toll on your free time and social life outside the classroom desk, you should tailor your skills to perfection in order not to get lost under piles of written assignments and homework tasks.

And today we’ll discuss argumentative essay writing which is the thing no college course could ever live without. Read on to know what topics to choose and what to stay away from, what writing approaches to pick and how many times the final draft should be proofread.

Your topic is the x-factor

The best essay writers spend nearly 10% of the total amount of time allotted to preparing an argumentative paper looking for a proper topic. Mind that first-comers never make it till the final variant of your essay. As a rule, one has to dig much deeper than opting for a topic which floats on the top.

For both persuasive and argumentative essays, you should stick to a topic which is first and foremost closely related to the subject and which is – note the following down carefully – vibrant. Study the audience first and then give them what will be interesting for them to hear, not something dull and boring, and wishy-washy.

Plus, at the best custom essay service they will always tell you a good argumentative topic is built on two conflicting points of view. It infuses curiosity, lights up interest and sparks intrigue.

The art of supporting your viewpoint with relevant evidence

Taking sides in an argument isn’t enough. Experts from a number of the best essay website portals suggest choosing a topic which is also backed up by plenty of referential materials to use. Quotes, researches, magazine articles, private investigations – all that is to be used to support your side in the conflict brought by the topic you chose.

There is another thing you should keep in mind too. Buy college essay samples and see for yourself that an argumentative essay, unlike a persuasive one, is built more on Logos and Ethos, rather than Pathos. That’s why dependent and credible evidence base applied in your essay is of immense importance.

Of the importance of proofreading that cannot be unstressed

At the best custom essay writing service experts spend 10% of their time looking up a proper topic, you’ve already learnt that from the article. Just like that, 50% of their time is spent writing. But where do the rest 40% of specialists’ time go? Self-editing.

Great papers and cheap custom essays taken at a random site have a chasm of difference. Content might be good, but it’s the absence of mistakes and grammatical errors that make an essay truly fantastic. That’s why don’t buy an essay for cheap and always reread every paper you write out loud at least five times.