Research paper is the student’s independent analysis, investigation and observation. It is an obligatory task on the curriculum. The fundamental goal of a research paper essay is to give the students a possibility to carry out their personal scientific investigations and deepen their knowledge on the subject. Teachers, in their turn, get a chance to appraise the student’s ability to make such research. The theme of a research paper essay may be either chosen by the student or assigned by the teacher.

If you have never written any research papers before, you may press the panic button. How will I cope with the task of writing my paper? What exactly must be written there? What is its structure? How should the final paper look? Stay calm and do not panic! The situation is under control!

Familiarize yourself with the information concerning the structure of research papers for dummies. A good research paper must have a well-defined structure. It must have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

In the introduction, the necessity and value of the suggested investigation must be outlined, and your interest concerning the chosen theme has to be explained. It is advisable to give answers to such questions: What is your research paper about? What is known about the theme under study? Who used to carry out such research and what methods did they use? What results have been achieved? Are those results trustworthy? Explain what you are going to investigate in the process of writing a college research paper. Determine “your sector” in the problem and clearly formulate the goals. Bear in mind that any goal may be understood in a slightly different way by those who read your research for the first time. Demonstrate the methodology of the problem solving. Highlight both the strong and the weak points of the applied methods, difficulties and troubles, potential mistakes. Remember, your introduction is aimed at convincing the reader of the importance of the experiment under study. The introduction has to arouse the interest to reading. As long as the reader has not fallen asleep, it is your first success.

The body has to demonstrate the complex of viewpoints, presentations and ideas aimed at explaining and interpreting the investigation results, profound understanding of the very essence of the chosen task. This part reveals the degree of comprehension of the research subject, displays the range of problems, outlines a vivid concept of where the efforts should be fostered in the process of carrying out the research and why. That is why presented material has to correspond to the obtained results. Try to make your statements and descriptions understandable for the reader. While writing research reports, provide overall answers to the following questions: How has it been done? How have I managed to fulfill the task? What methods have been used to obtain the results? Comprehensive descriptions usually highlight the author’s attention to some important details, the accuracy and scrupulousness of the research worker.

In the conclusion, the results of the work should be presented as well as the perspective of further investigation of your theme.

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Have lots of inspiration and the most interesting themes!