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Do not let the problems bring you down. There is always a way out. You just need to get the right writing frame to boost your writing skills. Here you have few interesting and useful tips to deal with your essay fast and right.

Stages in the writing process

You should break your writing process into few pieces. Because of this you will able to plan your writing process at each stage and focus on the whole process. There are seven main points to deal with while writing.

    1. First of all, you should analyze the title. Try to work with your title, to answer the main question.
    2. Then you should make your own timetable. The rule of 80:20 will work for you best. 80 percents is a preparation, and 20 percents is writing and editing.
    3. Organize your data gathering process. You should keep in mind the information format. Consider the best information sources, but, you should use them wisely and carefully.
    4. Get your plan. Planning is the best decision for you. You should get your data done in the most careful way. Plan the structure of your essay. Do this before you start writing.
    5. Then write your first draft. Don’t forget that you are writing for your reader. You should guide them through your essay. Use academic style of writing only.
    6. Then revise your draft properly. You should print it out and read it aloud. You should make all the marks and changes right on the paper. Then put all the points on your computer.
    7. Do the checking and polishing again. Your finished version should be tidy. Check all the content and presentation again. Then proofread.