Q: What is a research paper? A: Research paper is an independent creative piece of research work. As the student carries out the research, s/he shows his knowledge of the principal theoretical concepts and scientific problems concerning the chosen theme; demonstrates the degree of various methods of scientific analysis adoption; practices the ability to make theoretical generalizations and practical conclusions; learns to know publications; gets both positive and negative practical experience; formulates fundamental theories and recommendations concerning the assigned questions.  Research paper has to include both research and practice. Abstract theorems and conclusions are completed with analysis and generalization of practical experience. The scientific character of the research paper is expressed in the analysis of various conceptions and viewpoints concerning the theme under study, their comparison and argumentation of personal scientific position as well as in solving different theoretical and practical tasks and advancement of new ideas, etc.

Q: What theme should be chosen for a research paper? A: You are free to write a research paper on any possible theme. However, it is advisable to choose the one which is interesting for you and which you are well-familiarized with.

Q: Can the scientific adviser help me to choose the theme? A: Yes, absolutely. Moreover, if you have no ideas of an interesting theme, it will be determined by your scientific adviser who possesses more knowledge and experience of what is popular in scientific society.

Q: If I need any research paper help, whom can I ask for assistance? A: Your scientific adviser is your №1 research paper helper. You can also apply to numeral research paper writing services whose experts will be always ready to provide their scientific support.

Q: How should the process of research paper writing be organized? A: The process of research paper writing should be organized in the following way: 1) theme selection; 2) profound study of literature; 3) making up the plan; 4) determining the research methods; 5) case studies; 6) working on the text and formatting.

Q: What are the requirements to research paper structure? A: Regardless of whether it is a junior or a senior research paper, the work must have a well-defined structure. It must be composed of an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

Q: What has to be written in the introduction? A: In the introduction you have to: – justify the theme choice and explain its actuality and significance; – specify the aim, tasks, object and subject matters; – describe new modern approaches to the problems solution; – present personal motives and circumstances that raised your interest toward the theme.

Q: What should be written in the body? A: In the body it is necessary to: – present the objective data concerning the research paper theme; – state the detailed survey of literature; – explicate personal thoughts and ideas concerning the assigned issues and provide evidences.

Q: What must be mentioned in the conclusion? A: In the conclusion you have to write about: – conclusions which have been drawn; – significance of these results; – prospects of future research concerning this theme.

Q: What if I do not have enough time to write a research paper? Can anyone do it for me? A: If you have no time or inspiration to write your research paper, you can always apply to any research papers writing service and ask for assistance.

Q: Can the writing services write my research paper in accordance to the assigned requirements? A: Research papers written for you by the professionals in certain fields of study guarantee the highest grade.

Q: How much are research papers to buy? A: The price for such kind of academic writing depends on the task and the terms.

Q: Can anyone ever get to know that my research paper was not written by myself? A: This is out of the question. All research paper services guarantee complete anonymity of their customers.