The right choice of essay topic is one of the most important things in your writing. Of course, it is great if you are free to choose a subject you really care about, but students don’t always have freedom to do so. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot choose an interesting and effective essay if you have instructions to follow.

There are different subjects to write about, but you have to base your choice on a kind of essay you are working with. Just to remind you, here is a list of them:

  • Narrative essays
  • Informative essays
  • Definition essays
  • Literature essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Classification essays
  • History essays
  • Descriptive essays

There are subcategories and variations of each type; the main purpose is to remember the objective of an essay and to determine the kind of essay and its subject based on these objectives. You should stick to one kind of essay, no matter how specific or general the topic is. As a writer, you have to present clear arguments instead of sharing definition or descriptions.

To come up with some ideas, the first thing you may do is visiting an essay bank online. There are numerous essays for free there, but you are not recommended to download and use them as your own, especially when your topic is personal like “essay on my college”.

Even if your subject is more general, you still should not use those papers. As a rule, they are full of mistakes and the content is poorly written, so the only benefit you can get from them is topic ideas. In case if you are unable to compose a paper yourself, you’d better type “essay buy” in your search bar and order a professionally composed assignment instead of copying free low-quality content.

Be specific but not too specific

Perform a brief research on a topic before you start writing. It is important to write in a clear manner and organize your arguments. To prevent messy and sketchy essays, you should choose a topic that is well-researched and has a lot of relevant material that could be used as authoritative sources for your writing. Don’t make your subject to broad to avoid problems with available sources. For example, essays on child labour in Nigeria may be easier to write than an essay on child labour in a country with a low rate of child labour exploitation. Set limitations!

Be realistic

If essay topic is a realistic one, it will be realistic enough to write about it. For example, if you have been assigned to compose an essay on biodiversity, you will have to write about the living organisms and ecosystems they form. If you have to write a three pages essay on this broad subject, it will impossible for you to include all the details, but are free to focus on several general aspects and cover them.

Make a narrow topic out of a broad one. It is easy: if you have been assigned to write an essay on safety in life, you can write about the safety on the road, and if you have to compose an essay on plagiarism, you are free to write about the negative effects of plagiarism at schools and colleges.

Next, try to understand the subject matter. That means that if your tutor has told you to write an essay on quality management system and you have no idea what a management system is, you should ask your professor for some specific instructions and advices about books and articles to read before you start.

Once the topic has been chosen, you should take your time and the subject matter into sections. Create an outline to structure your essay better and keep up with crucial points of it, eliminating unimportant information. Outline will ensure you to include all of your ideas and not to forget important details.