Think handwriting services are antiquity covered with dust? You will be surprised to hear that what seemed to be forgotten and even out of place in the era of mega-technologies, revives and brings benefits. These days more and more online companies offer handwriting services as an alternative to printed ones, making customers believe that this time-honored style, though a bit shaded with modern technologies, still works and brings no less profit than any other service writing content in printed form.

That’s why, online companies that used to write content in typeface move to rendering services done by hand, which are claimed to be even more business boosting. However, if you are ready to try this “novelty” out to promote your online presence but still can’t make it out how handwriting services are better than classic website copywriting services, you are welcome to read this article.

Service writing content manually – For what? For whom?

Among the myriad of writers services that come out once you’ve typed them in a search box, you are unlikely to see those, dealing with hand-written notes. For one thing, it’s a time-consuming task. Can you imagine a literature review writing service fulfilling its bulky orders manually? Secondly, it’s efforts-taking procedure, with much human labor to be involved. Thirdly, handwritten content can’t be applicable to all the niches. Thus website writing, for instance, is better be done in print.

However, the service writing business content by hand has its advantages you can use to strengthen your online position and make your web enterprise stand out among competitors.

When it goes about a customary SEO article writing service, we imply company producing texts with particular key words arranged in a certain order to be better indexed by search engines. But speaking about handwritten notes, there is no need to think about SEO optimization and better text visibility in a web space. However, they remain powerful marketing tool used by online business owners to get noticed and promoted.

Ideas to use service writing scripted notes

When many think that handwriting services are ineffective, long-forgotten activity, you can use them to win larger audience over.

Here are some ideas, which compared to articles crafted by ordinary SEO writing services, will make your online business more compelling for customers:

  • Mailshot. What do you usually do when you receive an advertising e-mail? Undoubtedly, most times such mailings go to the basket without being read. And now imagine that you’ve got a handwritten letter. You’ll definitely open it just out of curiosity. That means that company-sender has managed to land more customers
  • Themed cards. Among handwriting services, there are offers to write cards on various occasions. Thus, you can send the customer you’ve recently cooperated with a thank-you card or wishing card written by hand. It is Not only pleasant and unique but also beneficial for the business
  • Discount codes. You can express your gratitude to standing customers with lavish take-offs, informing your loyal buyers with hand-written letters. To spare yourself from troubles writing the same messages by hand you can hire rewriting services to do it for you
  • Invitations. If you are a company engaged in event management, handwritten notes will be a lucrative and unusual service to offer your customers. When everybody expects to get typed invitations or to see restaurant menu printed, you will impress everybody with uniquely-designed hand-written samples. Higher conversion rates are guaranteed

At first sight, handwriting services may seem a mere waste of time and money. In the world where everybody is computer-equipped it may seem absolutely no soap and even detrimental. However, notes done in handwriting convey that human factor that makes people feel closer.