Looking for help with essay writing students need only several clicks to get a rich array of services ready to fulfill any academic request for money. However, under the mask of the company, that is supposed to be devoted to its noble calling: help with essay writing and other academic hardships, there is hidden a true swindler, making money on your problems. Thus, help with essays may cost you far more than you expect.

To make things worse, nearly every online essay writing service is similar to the other one. This makes it really hard to tell whether this is a scam artist or reliable, competent service you are dealing with.

Just think, every service lending help writing an essay has a standard set of offers: from simple compositions to bulky papers of the highest academic levels. Neither they are different in order form organization or customer support chart. However, among cut-and-dried testimonial and samples sections there occur blog articles kind of how do you write a essay and the like. And yet, the fact that a company has blog and paper guidelines section doesn’t guarantee its validity. What does then? Look closer, and you’ll see.

Help with essays provided by a legit company: Identifying signs

Help with Essay Writing or Money Chase?

Whenever you need essay written by a company, you should switch on your watchfulness and pay attention to particular signs that will help you pick the wheat from the chaff.


Looking for help with essays you are likely to be offered papers on various academic topics. Yet, it doesn’t mean that all declared themes can be explored to the full. Sometimes scam companies cover their incompetence with a standard pack of topics because for original help with essays and themes they simply lack knowledge and skills. Thus, when you ask a company to write importance of community service essay, (in US community work is compulsory to graduate from high school) and the company has no notion about it, you can easily pass such service by.

Website address

Legit essay writing services have a real address you can look up and check if needed. When it goes about scam service, there is sure to be a mismatch between website domain name and its content. Thus, instead of essay company you can be transferred to a literature review writing service. Once you’ve spotted such misfit, don’t risk ordering from this company.

Essay samples quality

For me as a writer essay is a reflection of my language knowledge and writing skills. So has to be with any customary academic service. When there are essay samples available, check them for grammar, spelling and context mistakes. Look the content through to see whether its topic relevant and covers the theme to the full. Spotted any typos? Think twice before making order from this company.

Website layout

It’s been already said that many writing services are pretty much the same. However, website design may tell you more about the company you are interested in. Naturally, what counts first is the absence of grammar errors and other silly typos. And yet, it’s not about language only. A legit writing company will take care to make website update regularly. When browsing through the homepage pay attention to ads with annoying offers. If there are too many of them, be on the alert. The company may be a scam.

Customers’ support

Check how well communication means work. Legit services are usually quick to respond and provide a potential customer with the information needed. Try calling as well as chatting. If regular breakdowns occur, the company may be a fake one.


Looking for the legit writing company you should also rely on your inner feeling. If you feel like making an order from the company that seems honest, friendly and smart you probably should do it. Plus if you find prices affordable, that’s another bonus.

Still, if you are hesitating, you can always browse the web and find comments on the company on forums or social media. Let your choice be easy and correct.