Screaming for help with writing an essay within a short time? That’s a common thing for students at the end of every term. You might have started your semester with Napoleonic plans to cover all the assignments on time and good intentions to earn high grades. But somehow the history repeats itself and again you are begging to help with writing an essay. Here we go again! You’ve left everything to the last minute and have little time to accomplish everything you’ve been postponing for tomorrow. And naturally you expect some help writing college essay. And you’ll get it!

Truth told that’s a risky situation when you’ve got piles of written urgent assignments backed up at your “must-do” list before the end of the term. But we are where we are. Still everything can be put right.


Writing academic essay isn’t an easy task even if you do it well ahead of time let alone the situation when the deadline is looming. However, there are tips that will help you pull through the stiffest time limits and the bulkiest pieces of writing.

Help writing college essay with the deadline close at hand


The end of the term is a hot season for all students. Some of them look forward to long-hoped holidays when they can slacken all cares and catch a break from writing and reading. But for someone the end of the term is the time when work just starts hamming. Every day these youngsters ask the same question how can I write an essay when time is extremely short? If for whatever reasons you are one of such people, calm down – panicking is the worst thing you can do in the situation.

At a last resort, help writing college essay may be lent by a specialized company. Some of them work extremely fast, promising their customers to cope with the task within hours. In addition, you can ask for help writing college essay or even Ph.D. assignment on any subject. Legit customer companies won’t reject your request and do everything possible for your money, of course.

However, if you can’t dig deep to purchase essays and pay an extra price for urgency you can still pull your assignments off in full swing.

I need help writing an essay: not to offer paid services!

So, you’ve settled that to order essay from a company isn’t an option for you. All that remains is to use own resources. Let’s get started!

  • Clear your mind. Before you actually start writing an academic essay you should get mentally and physically ready for a would-be struggle. Yes, that’s going to be a battle between your capabilities and the circumstances. And you are sure to win. First, recharge yourself. Substantial breakfast consisting of a “power-producing” meal is just what you need
  • Practice catnapping. Have small 15-minute naps, called catnaps, to boost your work efficiency. If you can’t afford slugging, sleep less but more often. The pattern is like this: you take coffee and have a short sleep. On a wake-up, you are likely to feel the burst of energy and fresh ideas
  • Address your main essay idea. If it’s writing an essay about yourself, think of your qualities and experience. If it’s a book-based composition think of the main story message. Whatever the topic is, you should dig deeply to find the core statement to talk about. To make it easier, draw a mind map, pour all your thoughts down on paper, make sure your ideas develop logically
  • Don’t beat about the bush. Got the point to dwell on, don’t waste time – start writing. Avoid fluffing even if essential words don’t come easily. You may have a couple of worthy arguments that you can support with special quotes for essays. They will make your writing look professional and sophisticated. It’s better to talk less but to the point
  • Do the final touch. Once you’ve put the full stop after the last word, pass over to editing your piece. You must be very exhausted, so not to overlook a mistake use spell checker or grammar checker for more accurate revision

Now when you have it written, hurry up to submit your essay and tick the box “done”. You can be proud of yourself and finally have some sleep.