Professional essay writing services have always helped international students with their assignments. However, there are a few peculiarities of ordering papers for such students. These peculiarities may seem small and irrelevant, but they can really make a difference for students whose English is on the level lower than advanced. As a former international student, I would like to share with you some tips on how to get an essay that can be highly scored and yet believed to be written by you.

Tip #1 Understanding your topic

Writing essay topics are one of the basic things in the writing process. If you have a possibility to choose, try to pick the topic that is interesting and understandable to you. In case you are given an essay topic, talk to your professor to get additional information on the essay content. For example, if your topic is “History of ISIS,” you, obviously, need to clarify what ISIS is, because it can be International Satellites for Ionospheric Studies, or ISIS – the music band, or Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. Even some obvious terms can be confusing for international students, so if you are one them, do not be afraid to ask your professor for clarifications.

Tip #2 Finding a writing service company

When you have your essay topic and all the instructions, you need to contact a professional essay writing service. How do you find one? I used just to type in Google “write my essay online” or “write my college essay” and pick one of the websites from the first results page. With time, I found three best companies that did the best job. Two of them were rather expensive, and one had reasonable prices, but a little bit lower quality.

Tip #3 Sending instructions

Do not simply send the file with your professor’s requirements. In the instructions box, you need to specify your own vision of an essay. Write about your thoughts and ideas, and do not forget to mention that you are an international student. Ask for a simple language and not academic writing. It is very important, as your professor will hardly believe that you can write papers on the academic level if your spoken English is far from fluent.

Tip #4 Choosing the payment type

I always say that you should pay for essays only after you see them. If you find a company that works this way, you can be sure that it is a reliable one. Between the writing service that asks me to pay beforehand and the one that simply asks for my card information, I will definitely choose the second one. Writing essays for money is a little bit risky thing, and you never know if you are paying for the content that will bring you a high score or not.

Tip #5 Set a realistic deadline

Whenever I knew that I had to write my essays, for example, till Friday, I would have always ordered them with a deadline till Wednesday. This way I had time to check papers and, if needed, send them on revision. So, my rule was always to have at least 2 days in reserve. Thanks to this rule, I was always on time with all my assignments, even if there were a few times when I had to ask for adding a few corrections or changes to my papers.

Tip #6 Making mistakes

Depending on your English level, you can ask a writer to make a few mistakes in the essay. It will help your professor to believe that the text was really written by you. The mistakes do not have to be grammatical, as they are checked in Microsoft Word, but a few misplaced words would be perfect. If you want to make sure that the language of the essay is simple, ask for an ESL writer. No one can better write like an international student than a non-native speaker. Native speakers can try to use simple language, but they usually choose the words that the ESL student would hardly use.

So, this is it for today. I hope that my tips will make your writing essays for college a lot easier. Use them and let me know if you like them.