Are you looking for a research paper on child abuse? Maybe you need an essay on the creative work of some author? Or are you working on a research paper about writing? It does not matter what kind of academic paper you need. We are able to write it for you! This is the most popular motto of most research writing services. No one will be surprised with a custom paper nowadays. It is a very popular and profitable business. However, a certain kind of swindling becomes very prosperous as well. Some fictitious websites are created that promise to write a paper for you, but their single purpose is to swindle out your money.

Here is a list of recommendations that will help you find a reliable research writing service and avoid being scammed.

  1. Appraise the company’s website. A nice design, interesting and orthographic articles, a few pages with some useful information, functional links – these are the signs of a good company. This means that the service is reliable. And vice verse, if the texts are written with mistakes and misprints, the website contains one poorly designed page, it is likely to be a scamming website.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the guarantees the service provides. When you order research papers from an online company, you have to be sure that they will be unique and plagiarism free, their writer will be a native speaker and a professional in the chosen sphere and that your order will be performed and delivered on time. All real and reliable research paper websites provide their clients with such guarantees and inform you of them on the foreground of the main page. They also promise a full money-back, if you dislike your paper. The scammers try to avoid giving any promises or guarantees.
  3. Give a question to the online consultant. If the service is real, there is always a person who answers the questions of online visitors, helps them to find the necessary information on the website and fill the order form as every visitor is a potential customer. If your question remains unanswered within a few hours or even days, it is likely to be a scamming online service.
  4. Read the samples of research papers. On the websites of online services there always should be samples of the papers they have written. Then you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with research paper styles that are used by the authors of this or that company as well as evaluate their work and scientific qualification. If there are no samples at all or just a few of them and their fulfillment leaves much to be desired, these services are not trustworthy.
  5. Read the customers’ feedbacks. You can either find a review of the chosen company on the Internet or read the feedbacks of their customers. But be careful! Very often, the companies’ owners write the feedbacks by themselves. In this way, they try to raise their reputation and gain confidence of the potential clients. Beware of those websites which feedbacks seem to be written by one person.
  6. Question the reliability. If you order a research paper online and the writing service wants you to share some personal data (it may be your social security number, credit card number, etc.) or asks to pay in advance, it is 99.9% that they are trying to scam on you. The customer must pay for the paper only after he/she gets it and likes it! Do not agree to any other conditions!!!
  7. Direct contact with the author. When you order a research paper from a reliable online writing service, you will be given the contact information (cell phone number, Skype, e-mail) of the author. This gives a chance to evaluate his or her quality of work as well as have immediate contact if any problems arise in the process of paper writing (new requirements, nuances or terms).


Being scrupulous in choosing a writing company will let you have a good night’s rest and avoid worrying about being scammed.