Failed at another feeble attempt of quality essay writing? As a matter of fact, it takes much efforts and time to come up with a paper worth the highest grade. At the same time, there is nothing that comes close to having a perfect essay right on a silver platter.


Have you ever had doubts about trusting a company which is a question mark to you? With the abundance of writing services to choose from, it is difficult to make the right choice. Quality essay writing services are in a great need today. In fact, many students come across slim pickings when it comes to finding a qualified academic guide. The one that knows academic writing backward and forward. So if you are on an unlucky streak in search for UK essay writer, read up these pieces of advice.

Ask around for a good academic writer

Like you ask a friend for a movie or outfit advice, you can seek advice from those who use academic writing services. In fact getting a referral, this is the easiest way, and you and your friend might benefit from getting a company another satisfied customer. Once your doubts about the quality of the service are dissipated, the best essay is on its way! However, steer clear from the companies that give noncommittal promises or do not guarantee money reimbursement.

Ask for a free consultation

Assuming that your head is swirling from the writing market choice, just try an initial consultation with the company. Not many companies work hire writers on a full-time basis. The majority of them prefer working with writers online, so the possibility of getting your personal UK assignment help manager on the phone dwindles away. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to call the company and request for a phone conversation with the writer. During the phone conversation, you need to ask as many questions as possible. By doing so, you can definitely shrug off all the doubts of whether this is really the best essay writing service as claimed on their web page.

Check out order forms

In case the scavenging for a company that can offer you a 24/7dialogue with the writer failed, there is another way to check the authenticity of a writing company. The best way for you is to search for a company that offers a lengthy and detailed order form. In fact, if the web page says “we write essays”, but does not suggest a detailed form that requires a customer to fill out all the details of essay he or she needs, this is clearly a scam service. Besides, a company should provide a way to communicate with the writer directly, at least a kind of online chat.

Investigate an average price

What is crucial for making the right choice is the price. Normally, companies that offer some kind of UK essays and free essays lure customers in by meager prices and free-for-all discounts. Although this may throw anyone into confusion, the worst idea is falling for low prices. Just remember, the less you pay, the less your writer gets. And this may cause a serious quality issue. The nominal price for a page today is $15-$25. Companies that offer less might just be ripping you off.

Download and check free samples

Ask yourself “What is professional writing?”. You have probably seen the examples of professionally written essays, so it wouldn’t be much of a trouble to tell a quality essay sample from ones not worth your attention. Therefore, feel free to download a couple for free samples from the website. Just to clear up all the doubts. As a matter of fact, you need to check the style, referencing and grammar consistency. “What are types of essay?” – here is another point to check in the samples and whether the structure follows the essay type.