At the first sight, it seems such an easy way to give pointers and pass on your knowledge to the novice. As a professional essay writter and a former tutor, I can say that tutor gig is much easier than for instance taking shifts at fast food restaurants. To further my point, doing private tutoring as a part-time job benefits to both – your time and your pocket. You can easily devote only three or five hours per week and still have extra income.

Education base

Intrinsically, what to teach is the crucial question. In actuality, you can tutor anything – from essay writing rules to various certificate exams. The bottom line is that private tutoring largely contributes to your CV as an addition to your basic skills. So if you have a strong background in any field, just consider obtaining an official license for tutoring. As a matter of fact, private tutor with a license to teach essay writing on any subject can charge a bit more. And a private tutor with Master’s degree can earn over $20 per hour.

Getting license

In case you are set to do tutoring on a regular basis, there is a reason to get yourself registered with one of the tutoring companies. Normally, tutors of essay writing, Australia and New Zealand based apply for membership with Australian Tutoring Association or Kip McGrath Education Centre. These companies are unmatched in finding students and providing location for sessions. More than that, being a member means having own rate with the deduction of advertising commission. Any essay writing service, Australia or UK based, assembles the same number of tutors who wish to work on a freelance basis.

If on further contemplation about purchasing a membership you decide that you can get a handle on clients by your own, just make sure you put enough efforts in advertising.

What to tutor

On a large scale, the earning depends on the complexity of the subject tutors teach. For instance, if you are a savant at Civil Engineering or Biochemistry, you would surely charge a lot more than a tutor of famous essay writers. Generally, you can tutor many things, even subjects you don’t have a formal education in. Why not trying tutoring Music or Literature if you are a huge aficionado of those?

How to tutor

The thumb rule of successful tutoring is planning. In fact, if you pull the plug on this part and come unprepared, the lesson won’t obtain any value. You may consult great essay writers to teach you how to plan.

Secondly, scrutinize the books and hand-outs student is supposed to follow. Then identify the areas your student needs improvement in. Make sure student grasps the ropes of the subject and move on to tossing in some new information. If the topic, for instance, is “how to write a essay”, start with the concept of essay, it’s types and structure.

As your next step, prepare all materials you’ll need. Keep them in good order. Printing and sorting out worksheets may take a while, so plan your time wisely. The main thing that will certainly come in handy is prior planning. You may want to look through any essay writing website, they advocate the practice of writing out students goals. This is better to be done together with a student and his or her guardian.


A perfect location for tutoring is a classroom. However, if you are not engaged in tutorial organization that provides location, consider other options – a quiet study room, a library or a place without distractions and with access to necessary appliances. Many essay writters prefer such quite library locations rather than other places like coffee shops or home.