Writing a term paper or thesis may be stressful and overwhelming. From my personal experience, I can tell that making yourself sit and do this work is quite difficult. It may be because of the paper size. If a five-page essay is done during a night, a small term paper takes at least ten nights. So, it is definitely not worth postponing writing your thesis till the last evening before the deadline. Of course, if you want to have the best term paper you should work on it for at least a few weeks, but what to do if you need to submit a completed thesis in a week and you have not even started. Does it seem impossible for you to finish all the work in one week? Well, guess what, I am going to prove that you are wrong.

So, let us imagine a situation when you need to send a 15 pages long thesis only in seven days. How do you make it happen? The answer to your question is planning. Proper planning and effective time spending can do miracles. And this is what we need in our case. Now, I suggest you read my 7 points plan on quick term paper writing. Follow these simple instructions and enjoy the writing process.

Day #1 Look for the sources

Take your topic and research it. Skim the potential sources. Do not read all the article and books. This day is only for finding materials. You will read them later. Save all valuable sources in different, but systemized documents.

Day #2 Reading

How to Write a Term Paper Only in Seven Days?

On this day, you will actually need to read all the articles and book chapters saved before. When you see a good piece of information, copy it to a draft Microsoft Word document. Do not forget to include information needed for citation. At the end of this day, you will have to have minimum 10 and maximum 20 pages of the information on your topic.

Day #3 Write your thesis statement

Now that you know much more about the subject of your term paper, you will be able to develop a thesis statement. Do not hurry. Take your time. Try different variations. Find the statement that you can support with many strong evidences.

Day #4 Make a plan

Your thesis statement will be a foundation of your paper’s plan. At first make it simple and short. One idea has to correspond to one paragraph.

Day #5 Expand your plan

Start adding more ideas to each point of your plan. Then support them with material you have got from external sources.

Day #6 Complete your thesis

Reread your paper several times and structure it properly. Basically, on this day you need to have your thesis almost ready.

Day#7 Proofread you thesis

On your final day, you want to make sure that all the grammar and punctuation in your paper are correct. You should try to send your thesis for proofreading to the best paper writing service you know, or ask some of our friends to proofread it.

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