No matter what theme you have chosen – it may be a research paper on abortion or cooking, your work must comply with the following criteria, if you want to get an A+:

  1. The theme must be interesting. A well-chosen theme is the key to success. Your research paper should be written on an original theme which possesses the elements of surprise and novelty. It has to fascinate the reader. If you have difficulties choosing the theme, you can always ask for research paper writing help of your teacher.
  2. The problem has to be well-defined. Research paper problem is the subject of study. It has to be feasible, and its solution must make a real benefit to the research workers.
  3. The work should be up-to-date. Some evidences have to be provided why this problem must be currently investigated and why this paper will become a perfect research and writing practice.
  4. The aim of the study must be clearly formulated. This is the result which you suppose to achieve. Usually, the aim of the study lies in the investigation of certain facts and conditions.
  5. The thesis has to be logical and exemplified. The thesis is the principal thought of the investigation. It is the preview of some plausible knowledge that is not yet proved. Fundamentally the thesis statement is neither the truth not a lie – it is not yet justified. It has to become valid, that is be supported by some literature data and logical reasoning.
  6. The investigation tasks ought to be determined. They are formulated after the aim and thesis are stated. Tasks and aims are not the same. There is only one aim of the research paper, but there can be several tasks. They show what you are going to do.
  7. A wide review of the literature has to be present. It includes everything that is known about this problem. That is, a review of the literature is the summary of the facts about the phenomenon under analysis. It shows the approaches of other authors to the assigned problem. The research paper writer has to demonstrate that s/he is aware of the sphere of investigation and has studied several resources. You should set a new task but not do what has already been done.
  8. The scientific methods of investigation have to be chosen. This is the characteristic of what the author has done to prove the validity of the suggested hypothesis.
  9. Exact investigation results must be described. These are personal data obtained as a result of your investigation. These data have to be compared with the data of learned treatises from the literature review.
  10. The novelty of the results should be formulated. The novelty of the results is something new and special that has been revealed in the process of investigation; something that has not been mentioned by others; the results obtained for the first time. The author has to distinguish between the working data and the data presented in the paper. You often operate a lot of information that need not be presented in the text. That is why the working data is filtered to select the most important information. However, someone may want to look through the starting material of the research. It is a good idea to present this information in the appendix. According to the recommendations of prestigious research paper sites, the graphical data reporting form is the most reader-friendly. To improve the quality of your work in processing the data, you can use special research paper writing software that can be found on the Internet.
  11. Conclusions ought to be drawn. These are brief answers to the question: How have the assigned investigating problems been solved?

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