Writing essays is not easy, but it is so frustrating to find yourself behind everyone else in college. Familiar situation? Time to change that! We bet you can write an awesome paper, and right now you’ll get some advice for that. Ready to get help with assignments? Here we go then.

Badass tips for some real writing

Make a Great Paper Today

  1. Choose an awesome topic. Your peers probably do the following: Google the topic provided, then download three essays on the subject and rewrite them into one. Your less-lazy peers think what your tutor would love to see and write from scratch. But to be an awesome writer, ask yourself ‘how can I write essay that will be different from the others?’ You have to stand out, that’s what an awesome writer would do.
  2. Write the part you want to write. There’s no need to write your essay from first line to the conclusion directly. If you’ve been thinking about paragraph three and are now ready to write about it, don’t stop your writing flow: you’ll do the rest of your writing later and then compose it in one piece.
  3. Use right sources. You have to sound convincing, and good research base will help you with that. However, you don’t have to follow the ideas you read about completely. Show what the scientists think of the issue and then add your own interpretation of the data.
  4. Use original data. An essay written only from secondary sources (reflections on books, critical articles, etc.) is a bad essay. If you’re writing about something, you have to study the subject from the primary sources first: the original text of the law you’re writing about, the play you criticize, etc. That’ll help you make your own opinion.
  5. Help essay readers understand the essence of your paper. You think that adding more ‘therefore’ and ‘however’ will make it sound more ‘scientific’? No. Good ideas and logical thoughts will. No matter how complex your language is, it has to be a tool for delivering the ideas to your audience. So limit the long words and leave some space for good arguments.

How can I help my essay become better?

Your paper has to have a core idea reflected in your thesis statement. Make sure the rest of your paper follows the main point expressed in this part. A thesis statement is often placed at the end of the Introduction paragraph, it helps you focus on the main theme of your work and avoid straying off the subject too much. Not only will it help with assignment writing, it will also facilitate understanding for the readers. You basically say: my essay is about this thing, and people get prepared to dig deeper into the topic.

It is necessary to pay attention to good language staying correct yet not too formal in your speech. Today, the academic society turns away from too formalized writing norms making them softer and more convenient for both the audience and writers. Language proficiency is very important in case you write a paper in a foreign language. Whether it is French essay writing or a work in other language, make sure it corresponds to the standards.

When you think ‘I could use some help with my essay’, consult your teacher or someone proficient enough to help. Be careful while getting help writing essays. Do not use every suggestion you find on the Internet, as there are many similar tasks, but they’re different in details.

Don’t think ‘I need an essay written for me’. You have everything it takes to make your work better than anyone else. No instant essay writer knows your needs better than you do.