Your essay is just one part of your application set. And it is only one point that you can control, actually. So, this is your chance to present yourself as good as possible. You should show yourself as a good and talented person. The rest of your application data will be your education history like test scores, grades, and other stuff. This data will give the officers the picture of your person. But, to be not just one from the thousand, your essay should be unique.

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Five steps to crafting a superior set of essays

Step 1

First of all, you should start working on your topics. Print the list of topics and read it carefully then pick up one you like the most. You should like your topic to write some really great paper. You should understand all the questions and know how to answer them. Remember that your essay should not be too general. Each question should be addressed, and you must deal with your topic all the way long. You should focus on only one accomplishment.

Step 2

You should think about your response to each essay you take in turn. It is good for you to discuss your ideas with friends, teachers or colleagues. You can also talk to your parents before you start writing. It is very important moment, actually. Your essay should have some great balance between personal information and factual information. There should also be some analysis there. There should be not just a simple experiences description. You should reveal your values, ideas, aspirations, and passions. Don’t try to invent something dramatic. You should be real and true, so tell about your real experience.

Step 3

MBA essay helpSo, it is time for your first draft. Then put it away for a while. Actually, you should read it again the next day. Do you like it? Is there something wrong? If you are satisfied with your draft, you can show it to someone else to read. Then, after you have received your feedback, you can do your rewrite. Before writing, think about your influences. Did you spend enough time on explaining all the necessary points? You should say few words about your professional goals and the ways you are going to implement them. Talk about a five-year plan, actually. You should convince your business school that they can help you to achieve your goals.

Step 4

You should rewrite your essay thinking about the feedback you received. After rewriting do some final punctuation and grammar. If you are not sure in your skills, ask some expert help. Your essay portrays you, but it is very easy to get distracted by some errors, so there should be no mistakes there. Don’t forget to check the word limit for your paper.

Step 5

After you finished your final draft print it. Then read all your set aloud at one sitting. The whole application should be entire and unique. There should be all the necessary information. Don’t forget to follow all formatting instructions.