Writing a dissertation can take you months. Tons of books and articles have to be found, read and evaluated. And in case you have some other projects going on in your life, it is almost impossible to get everything done on time. I remember myself trying to manage work and studying, struggling from a deadline to deadline, working on my dissertation during every second night. Back then, I wished there were at least 40 hours in a day.

One day I was almost ready to give up, when the advertisement on the library website captured my attention. It suggested using cheap custom writing service. It was the first time I seriously thought of ordering dissertation help services. But it seemed to me as some kind of cheating, which is why I continued my struggle with time. However, the thought became constant in my mind. My dissertation was half-written and almost all materials have been already gathered. I just needed to put everything in the right form. So, after a week of thinking, I finally gave up. I have officially decided to order custom thesis writing service. As I was totally new at this thing, I started looking for dissertation writing services reviews, read the comments of other students who have already used such services and verify the information.

My Experience in Ordering Dissertation Online

There are many dissertation services in the UK. Most of them promise to write your paper quickly and in the best way, but I needed to make sure that the writer assigned to my order was no less than PhD. Only a few and the best dissertation writing services in the UK are able to hire such writers. A large number of dissertation writing service reviews, which I was reading, suggested two most popular websites: The Essay and Best Dissertation. So, I have written to both of the organizations. I said I wanted to place a big order, but before I would do that I’d like to discuss some points of my dissertation with a writer. Both custom writing services answered my email in a very polite form. They promised to find writers for my work and asked for some additional information. When I had a chance to chat with my potential writers, I tried to get as much information on their education and previous writing experience as possible. I can say that the choice between the two writers was very difficult. They both seemed very professional to me. But I had a limited amount of time and money, so, in the end, I have chosen Best Dissertation. They offered to do the job for 40£ less than The Essay. I do not think I could find any better and cheaper dissertation writing help in the UK.

My Experience in Ordering Dissertation OnlineThe next steps were much easier. I ordered progressive delivery and was able to check writer’s work every five days. He did not disappoint me. The work he was doing was great and always on time. I do not know how it is organized in other countries, but here in the UK dissertation writing can be a little annoying, especially if you have an old academic advisor, who is too demanding about your work. I was unlucky to have such an advisor. So, every time I would have to show him the next part of my paper, I knew there would be something he would not like. There were times when I turned almost red with corrections pages on revision, and my writer would patiently change everything, but in a few days, when my advisor saw a reviewed paper, he could suggest that we go back to the previous version. I can only imagine how that poor writer felt when I told him that lots of the amendments he had made were useless.

So, we, I mean me and the writer, worked like this for three weeks. We discussed all the issues together trying to find the best solutions. He seemed to understand my approach fully, which is why the beginning of the dissertation, which was written by me, was in the same style as the rest of the text. I think we worked well, as the result we got was even better than I expected. Even my old and always unhappy academic advisor was satisfied. Thanks to Best Dissertations, I was able to find the writer who provided me with the paper that exceeded all my expectations. That is why I think this organization is the best dissertation writing service in the UK.