During their long working experience, admission committees’ members have had to read absolutely different essays. Some of them are well-forethought but written in an extremely boring manner. And vice versa, some completely uninteresting themes are developed in an expected way, and they can be added to the category “UK best essays”. The reason for this phenomenon is the applicant’s writing style. The admission committees’ members have decided to provide the applicants with some kind of writing assistance and compiled a list of useful pieces of advice. If you are not eager to use such option as to “write an essay online” which means to purchase a paper, you will find these recommendations useful.

  1. While writing essays use a conversational style and express your thoughts in the simplest terms. This will make your essay more lively and heartfelt.
  2. Make sure that your essay is easy to read. Think whether the essay parts fit together and relate to the assigned theme.
  3. Do not write boring essays. Applicants often make one common mistake: they write eventless papers that are not appropriate to the theme.

Most corrections are concerned with the sentences construction, appropriate selection of words, sequence of tenses, linking words and word combinations and stereotyped expressions.

Sentences construction

Many authors think that the longer the sentence is, the better it sounds. It is far from being the truth. When you are writing custom essays, it is not necessary to make up complex sentences. In fact, short phrases are more effective. And the best essay is the one in which both long and short sentences are used in equal measure. Try to read your essay aloud making pauses at the end of every sentence. Are they all equal? If there is a sentence that makes up the whole abstract or you lack breathing to pronounce it, split it into several parts.

Selection of words

Avoid using encyclopedic terms. It is another mistake of UK writers who think that the more complex words there are in the essay, the better it is. Different terms and expressions are appropriate only if you can easily operate and use them.

Fewer descriptions

It often happens that a well-forethought essay is split into separate fragments which describe certain aspects of the theme. The essay writer might think that those who will read his paper will not understand what is meant and use lots of slang, stereotyped expressions, abbreviations and philistine tone. S/he is mistaken and should write the essay in a natural manner. In a short essay writing avoid starting every sentence with the pronoun of the first person singular. Writing “I” too often you may seem to be very self-satisfied. Would you like a conversation in which one of the interlocutors is continuously talking about him/herself? You should learn how to select words without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Get rid of unnecessary words

If there are too many odd words in the text, you risk being bogged down in expanded expressions the meanings of which are hidden under seven seals. You should not hesitate to delete the following expressions from your essay: this means that, in fact, in summary, somewhat, absolutely, definitely, in other words, etc.

Avoid repetitions

If you use the words of approximately identical meaning too often, it may seem that you are not thinking of what you are writing. Moreover, stereotyped expressions make your essay similar to all others. So, you have to do your best to make your essay a unique piece of writing selecting the words that can express your thoughts and experience the most precisely.

If essay writing is not what makes you happy, do not become desperate. Nowadays, you can easily apply the assistance of any writing service UK and their professionals will write your essay for you with pleasure.