When academic paper writing becomes too tough and takes away too much of free time, students turn to college essay writers for help. An order is placed, a new paper is written, an evening is saved. That’s how it works, but not for everyone.

Some students, despite how heavy their workload is, pass custom paper writing by thinking it’s cheating, and generally not accepted by academic authorities. Is it truly so? Let’s find out next.

Most important thing to keep in mind

If we talk about essay writing in general, you have to turn in a properly done paper, correct and neatly referenced. In fact, a plagiarism-free, well-developed, grammatically spotless and finely formatted essay is the very thing your instructor wants you to submit.

And what is cheating? Handing in a highly plagiarized easy essay writing based on copy-paste, stolen ideas and poorly borrowed thoughts.

Given custom essay help provides you with a totally original paper done from scratch, it cannot be called cheating. The new essay you’ve just got in your inbox is actually YOUR paper, you are its only owner and you are the person taking all the credit for the great job done.

Still have doubts? Here’s the way not to


So, you are the customer of an essay agency, you’ve just got this new awesome paper that figuratively radiates quality, but still you’re somewhat in doubt whether this whole endeavor is, all in all, legit. Of course, there’s is always some room for hesitation, and here’s what you should do.

Work on the paper you’ve just got from academic writers online with your own hands. Rewrite some phrases, so they sound like yours. Cut sentences in two, join two sentences in one. Maybe add a couple of ideas you have on the topic as well.

Given you work with a 100% genuine piece, all the rewriting does a power of good only. Plus, you can rightfully say you elaborated on this brilliant paper by yourself, which is an unalloyed truth, in fact. Your instructor will feel in the same way, checking a wonderful essay you turned her in.

Thinking outside the box is key

The best essay writer is the one who hands in quality papers on time. But the smart essay writer is also the one who still have enough time to tackle other student duties and out-of-the-classroom activities. Write less, do more. That’s the concept to think about.

In the meantime, a writing agency might be used in two other useful ways. First, order a college essay editing service to land a professional check your writing and proofread for miscellaneous mistakes. And second, download a writing sample to always have a smooth reference paper in front of your eyes, should you need an educative example of how to write school and college papers fast and up to the mark.